Corpse Bride


I loved this movie and thought it would be great to do for a couple’s Halloween costume, so I tried ordering a corpse bride costume online, and it was predictably horrible, and cheap-looking.  But that’s okay, I already knew I wanted to try to make my own!  So, I took it and cut it apart!  I used the bottom part as a skirt, just adding elastic to it, and cut the rib applique out to use in my own bodice.

I tea-stained some white lace to make it look old and antique-y, then brushed it here and there with black body paint to make it look dirty, and layered some pretty blue trim under the silver beaded lace trim I found to get the effect I wanted:


Then I cut around the applique with a straight razor to make it look like the dress & skin had torn open to reveal my ribs underneath.  I also used the gauze that was attached to a realllly cheap-looking foam tiara-thing to attach to my own flower headband from some pretty blue/violet flowers I found at Michaels and hot-glued onto a headband:


And here’s the finished result!  It ended up being the first Halloween costume where I’ve made a significant part of it myself, and I’m quite proud of it!


The makeup took SO LONG to apply, and despite applying a setting powder, it rubbed off on EVERYTHING I touched!  I DEFINITELY need to find better body paint and makeup for next time!! I wasn’t all that happy with how the makeup contouring turned out, either, but I got tons of compliments anyway :3

corpse bride 1

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