Cupcake Dishcloth

I absolutely loved making these cupcake dishcloths for a friend’s birthday who LOVES cupcakes!  I made these when I was relatively new to crochet, and it was so fun to learn some new stitches – the Back Post Treble stitch that creates the ribbed look in the bottom of the cupcakes, and the Popcorn stitch that creates the ruffle on the edge of the frosting!

I used this pattern from Twinkie Chan.  It was super easy to follow, and Twinkie Chan is the most adorable crocheter!  Check out her blog here!

I used these super fun yarns from Lily and Cream:

Cupcake Yarn

Here’s a WIP shot of the icing of the pink cupcake, showing that Popcorn stitch at the edge:

Cupcake Pink Top

So cute!  I loved the pattern that the pink and purple Lily and Cream yarn gave to the icing!  Once this part was done, it was time to switch to the bottom cake part!  I used the blue Lily and Cream for both cupcakes, to provide a little continuity.  Here’s a WIP closeup of the transition, how it looks underneath that Popcorn stitch, and a view of the start of that post stitch I learned for the first time!

FPhtr Stitch

Looking pretty good!  So here’s the two finished products!  Both of these worked up pretty quickly.  I think it only took me 2 or 3 hours to do both, including learning the new stitches.  The blue sets both cupcake icings pretty well, and look at how the white yarn makes it look like it has sprinkles!  My friend loved these, and I loved making them!

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