Game of Thrones Viewing Party

My boyfriend and I absolutely love Game of Thrones, and since I love hosting and planning parties, I decided to go ALL OUT for the season 7 premiere. We hosted a watch party for about 14 of our friends, and everyone had a blast! See how I created my own Game of Thrones party with themed food, cocktails and DIY decorations.

“Shall we begin?”

Valar Morghulis

For my first project, I got to use my brand new Silhouette Cameo machine to create a vinyl decal. I downloaded a Game of Thrones font and cut letters for the phrase, “Valar Morghulis, Valar Dohaeris,” used infamously by the Faceless Men. Then I placed my decal over the double doors leading to our movie room, where we have a projector set up for special viewing nights!

Valar Morghulis vinyl decal letters
“All Men Must Die, All Men Must Serve”

I worked on the next project with my boyfriend, Jacob, who helped me to create a layered printout featuring a crow and the Black Watch oath. I also found a really cool map of Westeros and Essos on Amazon, so I went ahead and framed both pieces for the party.

Weirwood Tree Centerpiece

Next I wanted to do a centerpiece based on the Weirwood tree (used throughout the series as a symbolic device for Westeros mythology). I picked up some fall branches from Michaels and popped the leaves off, then I spray painted the branches white and put the leaves back on! Then, as a nod to one of the show’s most popular confirmed theories, I added a blue rose to reference Lyanna Stark, Jon Snow’s mother.

DIY Dragon Eggs

What’s a Game of Thrones party without dragon eggs, right? Well, these took a bit of trial and error, but ultimately they’re my proudest achievement of this party! I started with three large plastic Easter eggs, which I primed and sealed. I then used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out all the scales, which saved me a TON of time. Best purchase ever.

Once I had my scales, I applied each piece individually to the eggs with a dab of hot glue (at first I tried using Worbla for this process to give the scales a rough stony effect, but it proved to be WAY too much of a pain). After the eggs were covered with scales, I primed them with stone-textured spray paint and applied their base coats. For the final detail, I hand-embellished each egg with their respective accent colors (black with red for Drogon, green with bronze for Rhaegal, and cream with gold for Viserion). The eggs definitely took the longest, but I think Daenerys would be proud!

DIY Candle Holders

If you really want your next event to be classy, just head to the Dollar Store and get creative! I picked up some tealight and taper holders for a few dollars, then I coated the bases with Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint and glued on the tealight holders once the paint was dry. Voila! These were a great accent for my Game of Thrones decor, plus I can use them for future events!

Party Menu

Our feast for the night was a potluck, with some of my friends helping out by preparing dishes I wanted to serve. Meanwhile, I focused on the decorations and setting up the table with even more GOT props, including a severed hand with the message “A Lannister always pays his debts” (sorry, Jamie). To tie everything in, I created Game of Thrones-themed names for the rest of our menu!


  • Chicken a la Clegane
  • Bolton Flayed Meat Board with the Greyjoy Special
  • Tyrell Fruit and Veg Harvest
  • Valyrian Dragon Claws (sausage stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon)

Dessert & Drinks:

  • Ned Stark’s Head on a Pike Cake Pops
  • Sansa’s Lemon Cakes
  • Wildfire Cocktail (w/ green submersible LEDs)
  • Melisandre’s Ruby Punch (w/ red submersible LEDs

Well, I think that’s everything!  I had so much fun planning this and putting it all together.  Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below!

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